Thursday, 31 January 2013

MySQL Utilities: Time Saving Scripts for DBAs

Managing a MySQL database server can become a abounding time job. In abounding occasions, one MySQL DBA needs to administer multiple, even tens of, MySQL servers, and accoutrement that array a set of accompanying tasks into a accepted account can be a big time saver, acceptance you absorb added time convalescent achievement and beneath time active repeating tasks. 

While there are several such account libraries to choose, it is generally the case that you charge to adapt them to your needs. The MySQL Utilities library is the acknowledgment to that need. It is accessible antecedent so you can adapt and aggrandize it as you see fit. 

In this reside webinar, we will briefly explain the above utilities and analyze their capabilities. We will again dive into the new MySQL Utilities library and appraise anniversary account in depth. The affair will focus on the afterward topics. 

Use cases for anniversary utility
How to accumulation utilities for even added usability
How to adapt utilities for your needs
How to advance and accord new utilities
A alive ability of Python may be accessible in examination this session, but it's not required.


Chuck Bell, Development Engineer, MySQL Utilities and Replication 


Simply admission the web academy from the abundance of your own office. 

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